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Olvos Science supports the medical and pharmaceutical community through publication sponsoring of important scientific, artistic, historical and cultural books. Until today it has been the exclusive sponsor of significant books, which subjects and contents reflect the company's vision and philosophy, while some of them are considered as bibliographical landmarks. Additionally all of them are mentioned as pioneering and significant tools for the daily practice of the health scientist, for the doctors and for the pharmacists. Some of these book titles are mentioned below:

"Witches and Poisoners. Herbs & Potions"

"The Chrism Oil in the Ecumenical Patriarchate. Science and Religious Tradition"

"Pharmaceutical Recipies from Mouth Athos"

"Interpretation of microbiological examinations"

"Drugstores and Pharmacists in 19th century, Thrace"

"Informative Lectures to Drug Store Pharmacists"

"Dealing with medicinal product interactions"

"Doctors and Medics in Thrace"

"Greek Pharmacists of Instabul and their action from 1840 until today"

"When will I recover?"

"Medicine in Modern Greek History. The Sanitary Service during the Balkan Wars 1912-1913"
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