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"Doctors and Medics in Thrace", by Theodor Kyrkoudis (Publication Sponsor: Galenica SA - Olvos Science SA)

The publication, with a preface by the memorable Dionysios Varelas, is a significant historic reference to the healthcare professionals of the time (from 1800 to 1930). Its pages are filled with the stories of traditional doctors' families like the Karatheodoris, the Doxiades, the Kyrkos, with members who excelled in areas other than medicine, with studies and travels all over the world. Persecutions by the Bulgarians and the Turks, information and texts as well as material kept by Theodor Kyrkoudis in his library. With his review of the Thracian archives, both state and private ones, (and with minimal help from Bulgaria and Turkey for obvious reasons), the author manages to give us an idea about the healthcare coverage provided by Greeks in Thrace from Constantinople (Istanbul) to Filippopolis (Plovdiv) and Stenimacho.
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