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«Medicine in Modern Greek History. The Sanitary Service during the Balkan Wars 1912-1913». (Publication Sponsor: Galenica SA)

The publication series «Medicine in Modern Greek History» present the unknown achievements of members of the medical society, as a minimum symbol of respect for all of those who gave their invaluable medical solidarity and care. The four different books that constitute the series refer to the contribution of the Greek pharmacists to the difficult medical work. Furthermore they reveal personalities of important scientists who lived back then.
 Professor Anastasios DAMVERGIS (1857-1920), is one of these personalities, known for his offer in Greek Pharmaceutical Science. The life and the contribution of Professor Anastasios K. CHRISTOMANOS (1841-1906), in the advancement of the Greek Modern Chemistry are also mentioned. His contribution to the promotion of the Greek Pharmaceutical and to the education of the pharmacists was very important.
 The reason for the continuation of research and filing of all the scattered data about the contribution of doctors and pharmacists in modern Greek reality, was the favorable comments received by academics, professors and Greek scientists for the first books of these series.
 The publication series «Medicine in Modern Greek History» is the result of collective effort. It was written using the valuable archives of the journal «DELTOS» of the «Friends of the Hellenic Medicine Museum» society, under the chairmanship of Professor George DAIKOS, and the direct cooperation and editing of the volumes by its members, professors and medicine historians, George ANTONAKOPOULOS, Gregory SKAMPARDONIS and Nicolaos SCHIZAS.

The 4th book of these publication series concerns the period of Balkan Wars (1912-1913). The pharmacist Denis VARELAS, in the preface of this publication, emphasizes: «It was undoubtedly an epic period of time. The echo of this historical period comes down to us through our fathers and grandfathers. An era of triumph and national resurrection. Greece united and the king and political leadership in complete cooperation. The small geographic area of «poor Greece» as our country was characteristically called, became new Greece, including Macedonia, Epirus, the Aegean islands, and Crete. This period marked the onset of the modernization and the social and political alignment of our country with modern standards. The Greek Armed Forces - the army and the navy - thanks to the political and military leaders of our country, achieved during the two Balkan wars of 1912 – 1913 what was considered to be unachievable in the past. Since then we honor the heroism and the sacrifices of those fighters of our national triumph, but to the victories of the two wars there were other contributors, the achievements of which are not sufficiently known. The healthcare services of the army (doctors, pharmacists, nurses, medics, etc.). I am very happy that the «Society for the Study of Hellenic History» in cooperation with professors, doctors and historians, of the « Friends of the Hellenic Medicine Museum» society, decided to shed light on the significant contribution of the Armed Forces healthcare services to the great national struggle. I express my solidarity to their work».
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