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"Free Preventive Medicine at Sea" Program

From 9th of October up to 20th of November, passengers travelling to the Northeastern Aegean islandsas well as the inhabitants of those islands will come across a pleasant surprise.

On the passenger ships TAXIARHIS, MYTILINI, KENTERIS 1 & 2, and PANAGIA THALASSINI of NEL Lines, they will have the opportunity to undergo medical tests and get valuable medical advice from doctors of almost every specialization.

During the trip, the ships will be "transformed" to floating hospitals and doctors of various specializations will perform preventive medical tests in the cabins that will have been set up as practices, with each cabin corresponding to one specific specialization. Upon departure, passengers will be informed thoroughly on the program. It should be noted that the opportunity to be examined at no cost by a pathologist, cardiologist, pneumonologist, orthopaedist, gynaecologist, ophthalmologist, surgeon, urologist, endocrinologist, E.N.T., dentist, nephrologist, paediatrician, orthodontist, allergiologist, dermatologist, psychologist, physiatrist, angiosurgeon, radiologist, hygienologist and other physicians will have not only the passengers but also the inhabitants of the Aegean islands ('losing' lines). In this case, the free preventive medicine will be performed in collaboration with the local authorities (Municipalities and Health Centers), while there will be also informative speeches addressed to the inhabitants from the doctors participating in the program.

The above mentioned activities will take place in the framework of the innovative program «Free Preventive Medicine at Sea", which is being implemented for the fourth consecutive year under the organisation of the (NGO) Non-Governmental Organization RIXIKELEFTHOS, "transforming" the passenger ships to floating hospitals. In total, twenty-five (25) specialized doctors, including directors and deputy directors of Athens' main hospitals, fourteen (14) nurses and other personnel participate voluntarily in the program.

The programme «Free Preventive Medicine at Sea» is under the auspices of the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity, the Ministry of Merchant Marine, and the hospitals "Sotiria", "Aglaia Kyriakou", "Pamakaristos", the IKA branch of Kallithea, the 7th IKA Hospital and the Management of the Social Security Institute (IKA). The pharmaceutical company Galenica participates and supports this action as main sponsor.

This is a very important endeavour since, through the preventive medical tests, doctors provide advice and guidelines for daily or chronic medical problems, while there are several cases in which they save a human life, by detecting serious medical problems that patients are not aware of.

The pharmaceutical company Galenica participates in the initiative in the context of its Corporate Responsibility program, an important dimension of which is the assistance in support of the Public Health, the improvement of the health and living standards of the citizens. It should be noted that the campaigns of Free Preventive Medicine constitute an activity that the company supports, recognizing the importance of prevention for health issues and being aware of the difficulties that the citizens of these distant areas face in order to have access to hospitals and health centers.

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