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«When will I recover?» The writer Helen Svoronou presents her new book, a publication sponsored by Olvos Science


The big day is one step away. Peter and his band called “Klise ta aftia sou band”,are about to participate in a School rock band contest. Everything goes wrong when Petros gets sick with fever and all of their plans for this day are in danger…

The children who visited the Hellenic Children Museum (on Saturday the 17th of October) and the Children’s Library “Mimis Photopoulos” of  Xalandri Municipality (on Saturday the 217th of November), participated in the evolution of this cute story of Peter, as it was presented by the writer Helen Svoronou along with Chris Cristopoulos an animating spirit actor. 

The young attendees watch the story with enthusiasm, especially when they participate in the scenario of the story held by playing roles too and making their own rock bands.

The publication of the book titled«WhenwillIrecover? » wassponsored by the pharmaceutical company Olvos Science. Sponsoring this effortOlvos Science, aimsatthefamiliarization of the kids about common daily healthcare problems.



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