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Christmas celebration for the Employees children

Once more, like every year, the companies Galenica, Olvos Science, Varelas, Techline, organized a Christmas Celebration dedicated to the children of their employees. The event took place in the cinematographic room of Village Cinema 4, in the commercial building of “Athens Mall” and it was held on the 21st of December, on Sunday.  

The children who attended the event besides having a great time, they had the opportunity to watch two unique shows, performed by the “Greek Puppets” Child Entertainment Institute: “The Secret of Santa Claus” and the “Hidden Treasure”. It goes without saying that the honored person of the day, Santa Claus, was there too, sharing presents and other surprises to his young fans. The Christmas Celebration fulfilled the expectations of all of the participants, both kids and parents. 



The “Greek Puppets” Child Entertainment Institute is one of the first and among the largest theatres of Puppies in Greece. It was created in 1960 from Fragisko Kalaitzakis under the name ““Greek Puppets” Child Entertainment Institute. Today, his sons Dimitris and Manolis Kalaitzakis, continue his important vocation. The choice of “Greek Puppets” Child Entertainment Institute was ideal, mainly because of its quality, its Educational - Cultural Character and of its significant offer to the Greek Society and the Children.

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