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Galenica sponsors two puppet shows, performed for young patients at the «Aghia Sofia» hospital
This year, like every previous year, Galenica, within the framework of its anthropocentric phi¬losophy, took action in the area of social care and responsibility, by planning, implement¬ing and sponsoring important activities. As always it focused, specifically on social sensi¬tivity and child protection. Specifically, Galenica has recently and courteously sponsored two magnificent puppet shows, performed for young patients at the «Aghia Sofia» hospital. The two children's plays that the «Greek Puppets» Child Entertainment Institute presented so uniquely, aside from the enthusiasm they inspired to their young audience, also put across important messages of love and optimism. After all, this was the aim of Galenica: with this initiative it wished to offer joy and optimism to children hospitalized with serious chronic health problems. Another typical example of Galenica's corporate responsibility focusing on children was its decision to renovate the Third University Clinic of Hippocrateion Hospital in Thessaloniki, one of the biggest Hospitals in the Balkans. The Clinic covers 600 square meters in total and has 40 beds, while more than 2,500 young patients are hospitalized every year. The primary sponsor of this very important project was, from the very beginning, this Greek pharmaceutical company. Corporate Responsibility is an integral part of Galenica's daily operations and while pursu¬ing its business goals, it also takes into consideration the impact that its operation has on the society, the environment, the economy and ethics. «I feel particular satisfaction that, in Galenica's case, the adoption of corporate social responsibility practices is both a result and a natural consequence of the principles gov¬erning the operation of our company since it was established» Mrs. Eleni Varela, Communications Manager of the Galenica group points out.
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