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Celebrating Mother’s Day! Two days of festive events supported by Olvos Science

A two days festive event was held on Friday the 7th and Saturday the 8th of May in Avenue commercial centre, in order to celebrate Mother’s Day. The event has especially been organised for Mothers and their children who had the chance to participate in various interactive activities specifically made for children. The event, was undertaken by the magazine “Pedi kai Neoi Gonis” and it was sponsored by the Greek pharmaceutical company Olvos Science.


The children who participated to this event had the opportunity to play, make handcraft gifts for their mothers and see the artists who walked on stilts. All the children enjoyed themselves as they had their faces painted in their beloved heroes by professional face paint artists.


During the celebration event, mothers had the opportunity to hear useful advices about two daily and common healthcare issues. The first one concerned the protection of the skin and the treatment that is needed for the confrontation and fast cicatrisation of lesions and burns. The second topic was about the nasal congestion, a symptom that worries frequently a lot of mothers and pesters the infants very often.


Furthermore, they were informed about Flamigel and Ronalin bebe, two of Olvos Science’s products that are especially indicated in the cases mentioned above. More specifically, Flamigel  issuitable for the cicatrisation and the dermal re-establishment and Ronalin bebe, is a new system for the nasal decongestion that was created to ensure the daily and complete hygiene of the baby’s nose.  


The event for Mother’s Day ended up successfully with the best impressions for both mothers and children on Saturday afternoon.





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