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“A drop of blood is a drop of life!”

February 19, 2010


“A drop of blood is a drop of life!”

Employee’s Voluntary Blood Donation Day




On the 19th of February, the companies Galenica S.A., Olvos Science S.A., VARELAS S.A. and Tech Line S.A., within the framework of their anthropocentric philosophy completed successfully the first part of their Voluntary Blood Donation program, that is held and supported by their Employees twice each year since 2007. The Voluntary Blood Donation program is carried out in collaboration with the Blood Donation Centre of “Laiko” Hospital, and it’s held in the companies’ headquarters in Kifissia . The employees participate in this very important cause with great enthusiasm every time. Under the motto “A drop of blood is a drop of life” which is characteristic for this humanitarian action, they offer a few drops of their blood. The Employee’s Voluntary Blood Donation Day is an action of great responsibility and anthropocentric character, and it constitutes a fundamental activity included in Social Responsibility Program that is developed by all of the companies mentioned above. The “Blood Bank”, which it was created in 2007 in collaboration with the Blood Donation Centre of Laiko” Hospital “, was the result of this voluntary blood donation program and, up to this day it’s supported by the program of voluntary blood donation of the four companies. Concretely, the “Blood Bank» constitutes an initiative of vital importance, an action of solidarity and social offer, aiming at: - The sufficiency of blood for all the employees or their relatives, - The maintenance and renewal in a regular base of the reserves of “Blood Bank”, and finally - The promotion of significance and the values of voluntary blood donation for the society.

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